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About Venture North

We are very proud to provide visitors to Northern Australia with an authentic outback experience which goes far beyond just taking a few photos. We encourage our guests to really experience the ‘country’ and go beyond just looking by smelling, listening, touching and even tasting things along the way.

Our team

Our team of tour guides are all highly trained, knowledgeable, attentive and professional individuals who are committed to providing the highest possible standard of customer service. We regard our guides as the backbone of the company. Their knowledge of the local culture and environment, their attention to safety and their ability to make sure everyone in the group has a fantastic holiday has been paramount to our continued success.

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Cobourg Coastal Camp

Venture North’s unique safari-style camp is located within the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park (Cobourg Peninsula) in northern Arnhem Land. The camp is nestled amongst savannah bushland overlooking the bay of Port Essington. This high-end bush camping experience offers most of the home comforts while still allowing guests to feel close to nature.

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Our difference

Over the years Venture North have acquired special permission by traditional land owners to visit many regions of the Northern Territory that are inaccessible by other tour companies. Special access permits allow us to take you off the beaten-track and into protected areas that have an abundance of wildlife and cultural values. Some highlights include: staying at Venture North’s remote Cobourg Coastal Camp and exploring the NT’s largest Marine Park by boat, seeing sacred rock-art sites in Arnhem Land with an Indigenous guide or camping out under the stars at places like Koolpin Gorge in Kakadu National Park.

Travel in comfort

The high quality of our equipment and 4WD Vehicles ensures a safe and comfortable experience. We operate top-model luxury Sahara & Kakadu Landcruisers, each with leather interior, front and back air-conditioning and superior suspension. We pride ourselves in having arguably the best tour vehicles in the Northern Territory with exceptional off-road capabilities and advanced safety features.

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Penny & Greg Le Couteur
Penny & Greg Le Couteur says…
Venture North's bush camp on the Coburg Peninsula was the highlight of a wonderful trip. Such a wonderful, remote, beautiful and comfortable place.