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​Let Nature be thy Medicine Series - Part 1; Disconnect to Reconnect

Posted on 03 August, 2017 in Environment, Health


What does ‘disconnect to reconnect’ mean?

Lets admit it; our lives are getting increasingly busier by the day, all the while technology is supposed to be giving us more freedom, no?

Have you ever looked around while your out having a coffee with a friend, standing in line at the supermarket, waiting at the traffic lights and noticed the people around you are on their phone? Perhaps even you may be guilty of this? No judgement, just an observation / awareness.

Technology certainly has its place, and it’s giving us access to instantaneous information and the ability to connect and work on the go. It’s like an addition, get that text out, make that call, send that email, and it goes on. We bring our phones to bed scrolling social media, reading a book, reading the news or entertaining our minds with all sorts of stuff.

Did you know science is discovering a link between people who use mobile phones / iPads before bed and reduced melatonin (natural chemical in the brain that helps us to sleep) which interferes with our sleep patterns? You can read more about this here

We are exposed to all sorts of technology (by choice or otherwise) and distractions nowadays, thus we are exposed to EMF (electromagnetic field), which produces low to high radiation frequency.

Now, this blog is not designed to instill fear in anyone, the purpose is to bring about awareness to the possible health risks, and how you can manage them. Of course there are many solutions and can be as simple as scheduling time out from the use of technology, turning off your Wi-Fi, switching your phone onto flight mode or.... perhaps investing in a little getaway to nature, such as joining us on a tour into Arnhem Land...

cobourg-coastal-camp-venture-northThe pristine Cobourg Peninsula in north-west Arnhem Land, home to Cobourg Coastal Camp

On our 5-day tour, from just after midday on day 2, we find ourselves dropping out of phone and internet range, and we don’t come back until just after midday on day 5! Frequent comments from our guests before we head out to camp are;

I can’t wait to have no service and not have to deal with any emails / phone calls for a few days

For nearly 3 whole days, our guests get to tune into natures very own frequency ‘432Hz’; the sound of the ocean, the birds singing, the trees blowing… and within not too long, guests are feeling recharged, and of course never wanting to leave.

Do you feel like disconnecting to reconnect? Well why not do yourself a favour and join us on a tour that will not only disconnect you from all forms of technology but also reconnect you to the natural frequencies that nourish the mind, body and soul.


Article written by Venture North guide Emma Roberts

*You can see Emma in action in the following video of one of her guided tours of Arnhem Land and Kakadu.