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​Litchfield National Park highlight: Florence Falls

Posted on 15 March, 2021 in Waterfalls, Top End Locations, Litchfield

What’s better than a waterfall? Well, a double waterfall of course! And this is exactly what you’ll get at Florence Falls – a pair of soaring cascades nestled within a pocket of lush monsoonal rainforest in Litchfield National Park. If you’re only visiting the Top End for a short while, Florence can be done as a day trip, as it’s just a short, one-and-a-half-hour drive from Darwin. Read on to get the details on Florence Falls – one of Litchfield’s top spots.


As you take the gentle walk from the car park to the viewing platform, the suspense builds as the roar produced by Florence Falls reaches as crescendo. From the viewing platform, take in an uninterrupted vista of the thundering twin cascades and the surrounding lush valley that cuts through the dry savannah woodland. Perfectly positioned atop the rise, spy the path that the creek feeding the falls has carved over millennia through the stone country, before the falls explode over the top of the escarpment’s stony face into a shimmering pear-shaped plunge pool below.

There are quite a few stairs you’ll need to take to reach the natural swimming pool at the base of the falls -

locals have joked about needing to install an elevator for years!

.As you descend into the pocket of monsoonal rainforest that flanks Florence’s natural swimming pool, you’ll feel the temperature drop and the surrounding flora taking on a jungle-like feel.

After the hard yakka of tramping down the stairs, a refreshing dip in the cool, crystalline waters is the perfect way to relax. Find a rock to perch on to take a break from the paddling, and if you’re travelling with kids, be sure to take a floaty or pool noodle so weary swimmers can have a rest. The little ‘uns will also love exploring underwater with their goggles, spotting plenty of freshwater fish species, and perhaps even turtles.


After some adventure? Take the 90-minute Florence Creek Walk and follow this idyllic stream as it traverses the stone country between Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole, another of Litchfield National Park’s most popular attractions. Along the trail, you’ll spot rainbow bee-eaters and fairy wrens, and perhaps even a goanna or two.

The most popular time to visit Florence Falls is during the dry season (June-August), which is also when tourist numbers peak. If you’d prefer to avoid the crowds, visiting Florence during the wet season when the falls have had a top up from the tropical summer rains is a whole different experience. At this time of year, this striking pair of waterfalls become powerful torrents, which usually remain open when other swimming spots tend to close due to flooding.

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