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​The Arnhem Land Escarpment

Posted on 15 June, 2018 in Arnhem Land, Tours, Culture


The Arnhem Escarpment is spectacular. It is a huge plateau which has been used by Indigenous people for centuries for shelter and to find food. However today, due to the relatively difficult terrain, most of it is rarely visited. People usually elect to visit other nearby attractions first or just view the escapement form a distance. If you choose to visit during the rainy season, you’ll be treated to lush green terrain with huge waterfalls pouring over the sides of the cliffs. The dry season offers easier accessibility and some good swimming options as well as the opportunity to see a myriad of ancient rock art sites.

There are several tour companies offering tours of Arnhem Land and into the escarpment country (some more in-depth than others). Or you simply may like to take a scenic flight over the escapement, for this option a 1hr flight from Jabiru in Kakadu is recommended (or even more spectacular is the helicopter option). 

When it comes to accommodation in Arnhem Land there are several options including Cobourg Coastal Camp on the most northern tip, a range of touring options can be found here. Then there is Davidson’s Arnhem land Safari Lodge (Mt Borradaile). Davidson's offer daily safari tours, and close proximity to the world class rock art and habitation sites. Another popular option is for people just to stay in Kakadu and venture out from there - Kakadu has accommodation in Jabiru and Cooinda.


It's not all about rock art and culture in the Arnhem Land escarpment as nature isn’t afraid to come and say hi to visitors... huge numbers of birds are found throughout and various species or reptiles and wallabies are common. Then in the waterways watch out for water buffalo and of course saltwater crocodiles - remember only swim in designated areas when crocodile management has been carried out (if you are unsure don't swim!).

Venture North Safaris offer a range of small group Arnhem Land tours or can tailor an itinerary to better suit your needs. Call 08 89275500.