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Cobourg Beach Huts

Posted on 07 August, 2015 in Cobourg

The Cobourg Beach Huts are self-contained fisherman’s quarters situated at Smith Point in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park on the Cobourg Peninsula, NT. Owned by the traditional owners of the land, the beach huts have provided accommodation for those wishing to explore Cobourg Marine Park and National Park. In early 2008 the Cobourg Beach Huts ceased operating. 


Cobourg Coastal Camp is now the first choice for accommodation within the Park running a similar style operation as the beach huts as well as providing guests with fishing tours and four wheel driving tours. Owned and operated by Venture North (a small family owned tour company), Cobourg Coastal Camp overlooks the calm waters of Port Essington. The camp can be accessed by road on a Venture North small group tour, alternatively you can fly in by small aircraft from Darwin. 

The main difference between the Cobourg Beach Huts and Cobourg Coastal Camp is that Venture North's camp can not be accessed by self-drivers. Instead you need to be on an organised tour - either departing Darwin/Jabiru or flying into the Park via light plane. 

If you’re looking for that ‘exclusive’ fishing getaway in a fished filled part of Australia without the crowds, then Cobourg Coastal Camp ticks all the boxes. Catering for only one fishing group at a time, each experience is personalised to your needs. Fish all day, hunt mud crabs, view the impressive marine life or simply kick back in a hammock, it’s all up to you. Don’t worry about food and drinks, that’s all taken care of as well. All you’ll need to bring are the clothes on your back and a good sense of adventure!