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Collecting your own seafood buffet at Cobourg Coastal Camp!

Posted on 22 August, 2016 in Cobourg, Seafood, Arnhem Land


A Camp Host Report.

Yesterday morning when the tide was at its lowest and the reefs were exposed, I had the great pleasure of accompanying a small group of guests on a nature walk along the pristine sand of the Cobourg Peninsula. Our ultimate goal was to forage for morsels to serve for dinner that evening.

After climbing down the steep steps from Cobourg Coastal Camp to the beach below we ambled along to the 'long reef'. This took approximately 20 minutes as we stopped many time to examine the tracks of creatures who had been busy on the beach overnight. This included a variety of crabs, birds, a crocodile slide and both wallaby and dingo prints. Our guests had a ball as we all scrambled over the rocks in search for oysters, mud crabs and cockles.

Armed with a couple of hammers and chisels we pryed the black lip oyster shells open and collecting just enough for those oyster lovers for dinner. Our guide also dug into the sand around the rocks searching for cockles whilst I pocked around rocky shelves with my spear hoping to harpoon an unsuspecting buck mud crab! What a feast to look forward to; oysters a la natural, cockles in butter, white wine/parsley and of course the famous Cobourg chilli mud crab!

All of a sudden, our attention deviated to the gliding Whistling Kite as it swooped effortlessly into the surface of the water after its prey. Whilst overhead a White-Bellied Sea- Eagle majestically circled and kept watch over the area.

Just another magical morning in paradise on the Cobourg Peninsula!