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Moline Rockhole - Kakadu National Park

Posted on 08 July, 2018 in Kakadu, Top End Locations

A Gem in Southern Kakadu


Covering almost 20,000 square km of exceptional natural beauty and unique biodiversity, there is a lot of Kakadu National Park to explore. There are also a lot of people exploring it, especially the more well known sites so it's nice to find a place a bit off the beaten track. Moline Rockhole (AKA Ikoymarrwa) is one of these lesser known sites but in our opinion one of the best!

Located in the southern part of Kakadu, Moline Rockhole is a beautiful little waterfall and swimming hole not far off the main road (Kakadu Highway). It's not signposted and most people just drive past it when they are visiting the nearby waterfall Gunlom. You'll find the turnoff 5km after the Mary River ranger station, down a little dirt road - be aware you'll need a 4wd to get in.

Once you arrive at Moline you'll be greeted by a small, picturesque waterfall with a nice little waterhole below the falls - a great place to cool down and relax. Moline Rockhole is a 'special permit area' in which only a few select tour operators are permitted to access so you'll often have the place to yourselves. 


The water at Moline Rockhole is crystal clear so make sure you pack your snorkelling gear. You'll find many little fish and if you're lucky a turtle or two swimming in the rockpool with you. 

There is good shade here so Moline makes a great place for families to hang out and have fun. Please note the only facilities here are a couple of picnic tables, i.e. there are no toilets. 

When visiting Moline Rockhole we'd recommend also incorporating Gunlom Falls in your itinerary. It's another a great swimming hole and the 15min climb to the rock pools above the falls provides spectacular views across Kakadu National Park. You can also camp here and there are toilets and hot showers. 

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