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Northern Territory Cultural Tours

Posted on 13 July, 2015 in Arnhem Land, Culture, Rock Art

The Northern Territory is one of the most culturally rich parts of Australia, with an Aboriginal population higher than anywhere else in the country. Although Indigenous communities have been affected by foreign influences, many local people are still governed by their ceremonial laws and are practicing traditions that date back thousands of years. As a results a cutlural tour through this region is about as authentic as you can get.


Arguably one of the most untouched regions by non-Indigenous people is Arnhem Land. A vast region of Indigenous land which was handed back to the traditional owners once Aboriginal Land Rights became apparent in the Northern Territory. Venture North is very proud to be one of the few operators with permission to offer a range of Arnhem Land tours. 

The ‘Stone Country’ of Arnhem Land is a never ending explorer's paradise with archives of traditional knowledge recording the climatic, social and physical changes that have occurred over many thousands of years. Animals that are now extinct still grace the rock shelters where people once gathered (eg. Tasmanian Tiger below).


With permission to access various restricted sites Venture North can explore such places seldom seen by anyone except the Indigenous tradition owners themselves.

Cultural Tour Activities

On all cultural tours Venture North employs local Aboriginal people to guide us through their homelands (‘on country’), offering a more informative and rewarding experience. Guests can enjoy a range of one-on-one cultural activities such as:

•Exploring sacred rock-art sites

•Bush-tucker walks

•Hunting and gathering



•Spear making

•Didgeridoo playing

•Simply sitting down for a chat about culture

These cross-cultural experiences are usually the highlight of any traveler’s trip into the Top End.


Explore Ancient Rock Art

The Aboriginal art sites in Northern Australia are some of the world's greatest collections of ancient art. Discover the different styles of rock-art, from the X-Ray and Dynamic styles in the Northern Territory to the Wandjina's and Bradshaw styles in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

On a Venture North cultural tour you also have the opportunity to meet local artists and visit Aboriginal community art centres where you have the opportunity to see artists in action and also purchase authentic Aboriginal art direct.