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​Seven things to do on your Lake Argyle tour

Posted on 08 September, 2019 in Kimberley


Visiting Lake Argyle in the East Kimberley 

At 980 square kilometres in size and 10.7 million mega litres in capacity (that’s 18 times that of Sydney Harbour!), Lake Argyle near Kununurra is a must-see on any tour of the Kimberly. This monumental lake is Western Australia’s largest and Australia’s second largest man-made freshwater reservoir by volume, formed by damming the mighty Ord River to generate power for and supply irrigation to the agricultural industry of the Kimberly region. With the range of activities on offer at Lake Argyle, it’s certainly worth a couple of nights’ stay to experience all this incredible place has to offer. Read on to find out about our top seven things to do in Lake Argyle.

1. Cruising

There’s no better view of the lake than being on it, and you have the choice of either a morning, lunch or sunset cruise to get this up-close perspective. Explore the seven-kilometre long Hagan Island, the largest of more than 70 islands on the lake and be sure to bring your bathers to take a dip. 

2. Scenic flights

Make a real splash with a float plane flight or take to the skies in a helicopter to gain a true appreciation of Lake Argyle’s grandeur. Longer flights will take you to the Bungle Bungles, as well as past the Lake Argyle diamond mine, home to the region’s world-famous pink and diamonds.

3. Swimming

Lake Argyle is a body of water so enticing you’d be happy to share the spot with 30,000 crocs (don’t worry – they’re freshies so they’re much more scared of you than you are of them). But this lake is so immense we don’t reckon it’s never going to get crowded for swimming.

4. Fishing

Delicious eating fish, the Lake Argyle Silver Cobbler, is in such abundant supply you can just about throw a line in without any bait and still catch one, making fishing here very rewarding.

5. Water Sports

Grab a stand-up paddle board, canoe or kayak and create your own adventure, taking in sections of Lake Argyle’s 650-kilometre-long shoreline at your own pace.

6. Mountain biking

Home to the 4.95-kilometre Rotary Lake Argyle Mountain Bike Trail, this is a great spot for some pedal-powered adventure. Lake Argyle’s looping track is graded as moderate and is a great way to explore the surrounding landscapes of the lake while taking the adrenaline up a notch.

7. Bushwalking

There’s an established network of walking trails leaving from and returning to the Lake Argyle Village, from where you can get a closer look at the rugged landscape and wildlife that call the lake home, including wallabies, birds and reptiles. Keep a look out for the harder-to-spot echidnas.

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