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​Yurmikmik Walks: a Kakadu wet season favourite

Posted on 19 October, 2019 in Wet Season, Kakadu, Hiking


The four interconnected trails traversing Kakadu National Park’s southern Yurmikmik region are not for the faint-hearted, especially in the heat of the wet season. There is one shorter 30 minute walk but the rest are much longer and more difficult. Accessible all year ‘round, these trails are most enjoyable in the wet season when the creeks, plunge pools and waterfalls have been topped up by the tropical summer rains. So, if monsoon rainforest-lined paths, secluded swimming holes and woodland wildlife spotting sound good to you, read on to find out more about Yurmikmik Walks, which are possibly one of Kakadu’s best-kept secrets (and an essential part of any Kakadu wet season itinerary!)

Boulder Creek Walk

Distance: 2 kilometres (return)

Duration: 30 minutes

Grade: moderate

This marked track takes you past the sandy shores of Plum Tree Creek, and through open woodlands where rainbow bee-eaters flutter overhead, and onto Boulder Creek, which is shrouded from the sun monsoon rainforest. The swimming sites hear are pretty compact but very enticing. A short detour off this looping track will take you to Yurmikmik Lookout.


Yurmikmik Lookout Walk

Distance: 5 kilometres (return)

Duration: 2 hours

Grade: moderate

This marked track traverses through open woodland to Yurmikmik Lookout, from where you can take in the enormity of the Jawoyn country. Here you’ll have the perfect view of Kakadu National Park’s rocky ridges and sandstone hills as well as the lush waterways of the South Alligator and Katherine Rivers.

Motor Car Falls Walk

Distance: 7.5 kilometres (return)

Duration: 4 hours

Grade: moderate

Taking its name from an old vehicle track, this marked walking trail traverses the path that Paul Allmich, the first person to drive a car in this area, took his Chevrolet truck to. There’s a bit of scrambling over rocks involved at the end of the walk, but you’ll be rewarded with a cooling dip beneath a tropical waterfall for your efforts. Just follow the sound of water cascading down the falls’ rocky face to find the secluded plunge pool; chances are you’ll have it all to yourself.


Kurrundie Creek Walk

Distance: 11 kilometres (return)

Duration: 7 hours

Grade: difficult

Quite the adventure, Kurrundie Creek Walk is a full day of tramping along an unmarked track, so your navigation skills and gear need to be up to scratch. Combine the Kurrundie Creek and Yurmikmik Walks and make it an overnight trek (camping permit required).

When taking any of the Yurmikmik Walks, be sure to carry and drink plenty of water, take food to sustain your energy, and keep a responsible adult updated on your plans. Venture North Safaris offers private charter tours to Kakadu National Park, and a Yurmikmik walking trail can easily be included in an itinerary. Contact us to enquire or make a booking.

We recommend visiting the Yurmikmik region in the wet season when the area is at it's most spectacular, take a look at the following blog to learn more about what places we recommend visiting in Kakadu and in the wet season