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Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides - Extra Info

Posted on 06 November, 2023 in Culture, Darwin, Environment, Kakadu, Private Charter, Rock Art, Top End Locations, Tours, Birdwatching, Hiking, Photography, Waterfalls

Traditional owners and managers of Kakadu National Park are responsible and obligated to care for country and guide and look after visitors. To support these strong spiritual connections, anyone working as a tour guide in Kakadu National Park must complete a special entry-level training course.


‘The park is one big living space ... the stone country is where everything comes from and is connected to the floodplains. It is important for the bush tucker, breeding, but everything is equally important as Kakadu is a living space.’ 
Jeffrey Lee, Djok clan

As noted in the Kakadu National Park Management Plan 2016-2026, the guiding principles for Kakadu National Park are;

    • Culture, country, sacred places and customary law are one, extend beyond the boundaries of Kakadu, and need to be protected and respected.
    • Bininj/Mungguy and Balanda keep joint management strong by working together, communicating effectively and sharing decision-making
    • Consultation with Bininj/Mungguy is conducted appropriately and with the right people for that country
    • Everyone who lives and works in the Park learns from, understands and respects each other.
    • Young Bininj/Mungguy have opportunities to learn about their culture and country.
    • Bininj/Mungguy and park management maintain and respect each other's obligations and work together to look after the natural and cultural values of the Park.
    • The progress and development of tourism are undertaken in accordance with the wishes of Bininj/Mungguy, and strong partnerships are maintained with the tourism industry
    • Visitors are provided with opportunities for safe, enriching and memorable experiences.


The VTP230 Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides is an entry-level course offered through Charles Darwin University. The course provides tour guides with essential information about Kakadu. The training and assessment cover critical areas of visitor safety, understanding the Park's natural, cultural, and historical, minimising environmental impact and legal compliance. If you are an experienced tour guide wanting to expand your boundaries, or brand new to the industry, this course is a must and will give you the knowledge and cultural insight to guide through this living landscape.


Tourism NT is currently providing grant funding to assist with building a capable tour guide workforce in the Northern Territory. Up to $5,000 is available per business for NT-based tour operators who conduct tours in Kakadu National Park. In addition, an Express Tour Guide Ready Program is designed to streamline training for entrants and offers flexibility. Tour guides will have a maximum of 4 months to complete all approved training components from the approval date, with all training completed by 31 May 2023. 

"Our Team makes us Great."

Kakadu_knowledge_for_tour_guides_arnhem_land_toursOur team of tour guides at Venture North are all highly trained, knowledgeable, attentive and professional individuals who are committed to providing the highest possible standard of customer service. All of our Tour Guides have completed the “Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides” course. We regard our tour guides as the backbone of the company. Their knowledge of the local culture and environment, attention to safety, and ability to ensure everyone in the group has a unique experience has been paramount to our continued success. 

Venture North run small group tours through Kakadu National Park and beyond. Check out our most popular 5 Day Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula Tour. We can also tailor private charters to suit individual interests and needs. If you have any questions about Kakadu or our tours please don't hesitate to contact us