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'Must Reads' when visiting the Top End of Australia

Posted on 25 February, 2020 in Arnhem Land, Birdwatching, Cobourg, Culture, Darwin, Kakadu, Victoria Settlement, Rock Art, Private Charter

If you're travelling to the Top End of Australia, it's likely you're coming to discover the cultural and natural wonders this area has become renowned for. Not only is the region home to the oldest living culture in the world, it just happens to have some of the countries most remarkable world heritage listed eco-systems. 

Our advice is to come prepared.

The Top End has an unforeseen ability to immerse people into its powerful ethos, something that needs to be seen to be understood. To make the most out of your experience, read a few books before you travel, it will help interpret the country you step on.

Must Read for Top End Travels  Native Plants of Northern AustraliaMust Read for Top End Travels Warriors lie down and die

Below are a list of our recommended 'must reads' about Kakadu, Arnhem Land and the Cobourg Peninsula. 

Arnhem Land

  • An Intruder's Guide to East Arnhem Land- By Andrew McMillan
  • Why Warriors Lie Down and Die- By Richard Trudgen
  • Journey in Time: The World's Longest Continuing Art Tradition : the 50,000 Year Story of the Australian Aboriginal Rock Art of Arnhem Land- By: George Chaloupka


  • Natural History Guide to Kakadu Australia- By: Ian Morris, Steve Parish
  • Kakadu People- By: Sir Baldwin Spencer

Cobourg Peninsula

  • Forsaken settlement : an illustrated history of the settlement of Victoria, Port Essington, North Australia, 1838-1849- By: Peter G. Spillett.

Flora and Fauna

  • Native Plants of Northern Australia- By: John Brock
  • Field Guide to the Birds of Australia- By: Graham Pizzey, Frank Knight

Venture North operate departures from Darwin exploring the waterfalls, wildlife, rock-art, community life and coastal regions of Kakadu, Arnhem Land and the Cobourg Peninsula.