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Seasonal closure of Jim Jim and Twin Falls 2015 - Kakadu National Park

Posted on 20 October, 2015 in Kakadu, Wet Season


Kakadu National Park has recently announced the closure dates for two of the Park's most popular waterfalls; Twin and Jim Jim Falls. Both of these sites you'll find within many a Kakadu tour itinerary but each year around this time they close to ensure visitor safety. The reasons for this are primarily due to extreme seasonal conditions such as very high temperatures (often 40 degrees +), humidity and imminent heavy rains. 

This official seasonal closures of Twin and Jim Jim Falls will occur from 4pm on Monday the 9th of November 2015 but please note if sudden heavy rains occur before this date the site may shut earlier. This is up to the discretion of the Kakadu park rangers and management. 

Once closed they will remain closed throughout the wet season and usually open again around June/July. The exact reopening date depends on how large our wet season was as this determines when rangers can move back into the area. Once in they will have to clean up the site, fix any damage that's occurred, reinstall board walks and very importantly clear out any salt-water crocodiles which have decided to call the falls home over the wet. 

Once both these sites do close for the season there is still one very spectacular way to see them....and that's on a scenic flight tour. 

You can join one of these Kakadu scenic flight tours either from Darwin or if you're out in the Park from Jabiru. The most affordable option is a 1hr fixed-wing flight from Jabiru although if you have a good budget then the 1hr chopper flight is highly recommended. 


Please note there are also a couple of other sites in Kakadu which have also closed due to seasonal conditions including: the Barrk Marlam walk, the Twin Falls Escarpment walk and the Barrk Sandstone walk (Nourlangie region). 

For up-to-date information about exactly what's open and closed in Kakadu National Park see the Kakadu Road and Access Report